In case you or your family member has been charged and arrested with drunk driving, chances are you’ve many questions about DUI process and about what should you do at this time. We have handled many DUI cases that have involved these charges, and we’ll be able to offer you with outstanding support and advice during this time.Being your defense lawyer, we’ll guide you throughout the DUI procedure in an efficient and clear way, and will keep you informed always about your case status. 

After being arrested and charged with a DUI, DMV hearing is held to decide whether your license will get suspended or not. A Temporary Driving License will be also issued to you to utilize until the real DMV hearing, and after the hearing is done, your driving privilege will be either reinstated or will be suspended for a specific time which will be decided according to your BAC and criminal record. 

Other than DMV hearing, the DUI charges will be also addressed in the court. Arraignment is its first step.  The arraignment starts the DUI process and during this time you will enter into plea of guilty, no contest, or not guilty. The lawyer will discuss your DUI case with district lawyer who will be then prosecuting your DUI case in attempt to negotiate lesser sentence, a plea bargain, or dismissal of charges. After this, trial will occur where the judge will carefully listen to your arguments, evidence, and testimony to determine whether you are guilty or not and if you’re, what your final sentence will be.